Dear Labrador Fancier,

The LABRADOR RETRIEVER CLUB OF THE POTOMAC, Inc. was formed to combine the efforts of area breeders, exhibitors, and owners in protecting and promoting our fine breed, the LABRADOR RETRIEVER.

The LRCP held it first meeting on May 19, 1973 after a fun match held in Seneca, Maryland. The third local Specialty to be officially organized (after Southern California and Hawaii) it was founded over a two year period. The club was formed to satisfy two purposes: to preserve the breed; and to promote success among its members active in obedience, conformation, and in the field.

At present, the Club has approximately two hundred forty members from not only the Virginia- Maryland area, but also from all of the East Coast, the rest of the U.S., and Bermuda. Since its inception, the Club has sponsored specialty breed and obedience matches, tracking clinics, field fun days, training days, show handling classes and breed seminars. Of special interest is our three-day specialty show and obedience trial in mid-April, the largest Labrador Retriever show in the United States, and since 2000, the largest in the world. A much smaller conformation show and obedience trial, our “Bare Bones” Show is held in October. A conformation/obedience match is scheduled for early March, and our show training classes for puppies and novice handlers are usually held in the spring. For our members interested in field work, we offer an AKC Hunt Test in May, and hold WC, WCX tests for club members. Field training activities are held throughout the year. Now a separate entity, Lab Rescue of LRCP is one of the most successful rescue organizations in the U.S.

We welcome applications from adult individuals in good standing with the American Kennel Club. All applicants must attend and work two club functions before applying for membership. Dues are $30.00 per year(January 1 to December 31). Please make your check payable to the Labrador Retriever Club Of The Potomac and enclose it with your application (see link below) signed by two club members as sponsors.

Your membership in the Labrador Retriever Club of The Potomac entitles you to receive the Club’s Newsletter, to compete for special award trophies available only to members of the Club, and to participate in Club sponsored events. Generally our Club meetings are held at our Match in March, our annual meeting at our Specialty in April, and at the summer picnic. Other meetings are held in conjunction with scheduled Club activities. Please consult our web site for additional information.


Lynn Oelrich
Membership Chairman
2655 Evershalt Drive
Goochland. VA 23063

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