In accordance with Article VIII of the By-Laws, the Board shall establish and publish standard operating rules and regulations to assist in managing the day-to-day affairs of the club. Rules may be changed by simple majority vote of the Board. Accordingly, the following rules have been established by the Board:

SECTION 1. General:

  1. Club Colors: The Club color shall be Emerald Green.
  2. Use of Club Insignia or Marks: All use of the letters “LRCP”, “The Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac, Inc.” or the image of Miss Willing in any form of published materials or as a mark on any product or device shall be approved by the Board of Directors in advance. (March 2002)
  3. Miss Willing Image is the Trademark owned by The Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac. (2010)
  4. Expense Reimbursement: Requests for reimbursement shall be submitted to the Club Treasurer on the Club Expense Reimbursement form which is available in several forms on the Club web site. Requests shall be submitted within 90 days of the event and must have supplier receipts attached.
  5. In accordance with the By-Laws the Board meets at least five times each year. The schedule of meetings is published on the Club web site and in the newsletter.

SECTION 2. Publishing Rules (Newsletter & Web Site):

  1. Responsibility for Information: The Chairperson of each Club event shall be responsible for providing information to the webmaster for publication on the Club Web site.(June 2002)
  2. Website Advertising (vendors) : Website advertising can be sold to vendors who occupy booths at the LRCP Spring Show or LRCP Bare Bones Show at a cost of $120.00 a year.(November 2007)
  3. Committee Membership: All committee chairpersons and committee members shall be approved by the Board and shall be published each month in the Club newsletter.(February 2004)
  4. Web site Litter Listings: Litter listings on the Club web site and in the Club newsletter shall include final OFA clearances including OFA numbers for hips. No other clearances for hips shall be accepted. Litters shall not be listed for parents who have only preliminary clearances. Litter listing may remain on the web site for no more than ninety days.(January 2001)(Modified October 2006 & December 2010)
  5. Annual Treasurer’s Report: A simple accounting of our Club monies shall be published in the Club newsletter annually. This report shall indicate the profitability of each Club event. Additionally, the report shall list all individuals or organizations that have received donations from the Club. (February 1999)
  6. Minutes of Board Meetings: A summary of the minutes of each Board Meeting shall be published in the Club newsletter. (April 1997)
  7. Club members are entitled to one free litter listing each year on the website each additional listing will be $30.00. Listings will remain on the web site no longer than ninety days

SECTION 3. Field Event Rules:

  1. Release Statement: The wording for the release statement for training days and hunt tests shall read as follows: “The LRCP will not tolerate the abuse of dogs nor unsportsmanlike conduct. AKC rules and regulations regarding humane treatment of birds will be followed.” (March 2001)
  2. Working Certificate: The purpose of the Working Certificate (WC) test is to encourage the development of the natural retrieving abilities of the labrador through training.
  3. AKC Registration: All dogs must be registered with the AKC.
  4. Any club member who qualifies for a Jr. Hunter title can apply for a WC Certificate from the LRCP. Any member qualifying for a Sr. Hunter title can apply for a WCX certificate from LRCP. Persons qualifying for either title must apply to the club for the WC/WCX certificate.

SECTION 4. Trophy Rules:

  1. Trophy Chairpersons: There shall be two trophy chairpersons: the Show Trophy Chairperson and the Club Trophy Chairperson. The Show Trophy Chairperson shall have custody of and handle all trophies that are awarded for the Spring “Potomac” Specialty and the Fall “Bare Bones” Specialty. The Club Trophy Chairperson shall have custody of and handle all Club trophies that are competed for annually. (November 2003)
  2. Possession: Show trophies shall be given to recipients to take home after each show. The trophies shall remain in the winner’s possessions for eight months. Trophies shall be returned to the Show Trophy Chairperson four months prior to the next year’s event in good condition.(October 2006, Modified December 2010)
  3. Permanent Possession: For permanent possession, a show trophy must be won three times by the same owner, but not necessarily with the same dog. An individual who wins a show trophy three times shall have the right to re-donate the trophy to the Club for continued use.

SECTION 5. New Trophy Rules:

  1. AKC Rules: All trophies offered at the Spring Specialty and the Fall Specialty shall adhere to AKC rules. The owner of the winning dog shall have custody of the trophy for eight months and the name of the winning dog shall be engraved thereon.
  2. Appropriateness: Trophies offered by the LRCP are of significant value and prestige. They represent the heritage, traditions and significant contributions the Club and its members have made to the breed. Members wishing to offer new trophies should consider the significance our Club’s trophies carry within the Labrador community.
  3. Board Approval: Members wishing to offer new trophies must submit to the Board for approval a detailed description with dimensions and a sketch or photograph of a likeness of the proposed trophy. The Board reserves the right to reject any and all proposals deemed inappropriate or not in keeping with the stature of the Club.(Modified December 2010)
  4. Approval Timeline: The LRCP Board must approve all trophies. In order to be considered for either Specialty this approval must be finalized six months before the show.(Modified December 2010)

SECTION 6. Member Recognition:

  1. Club Trophy Rules: The Club offers numerous trophies in recognition of specific achievement. Specific rules for each trophy are available on the LRCP website.
  2. Member Recognition: In addition to the numerous Club Trophies, any member who finishes a dog’s championship and who earns a Master Hunter Title shall receive a Duck Decoy from the Club. (May 1995)