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The LRCP is extending an invitation to join us at our
Annual Specialty Show. The dates for this event are
Tuesday April 9 through Friday April 12, 2019.
The Club is offering a reduced rate for the 4 days of
competition. It will be $250.00 plus a donation to our
auction for a 10’ x 20’ space.
Contact me if you need additional space.
Looking forward to seeing you in April!

Penny Kretchmer
Vendor Chairperson
518 339 2075
After Mar 18:
The Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac, Inc.
Vendor Agreement April 9 – 12, 2019
By Invitation Only
Vendor (Business Name): _____________________________________________________________
Contact Name: _____________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________________________________________________
Cell: ______________________________________________________________________________
FAX: ______________________________________________________________________________
Email: ___________________________________________please print clearly__________________
Rental Tables required – $10ea _________ Rental Chairs Required – $5ea______________________
Group: _____________________________________________________________________________
PERIOD OF EVENT: This is a 4-day specialty show April 9-12, 2019. Vendors may begin setup on
Monday April 8, 2019. Rental of Vendor space is for the entire 4-day event or any part of it.
OUTDOOR VENDOR SPACE: The Club will provide one Common Vendor Tent#1. Space in this tent is
available in 10-foot sections facing the show rings for $250 plus a donation to the Labrador Auction.
Each section is 20 feet deep. Sections may be combined to create a larger space for an individual
vendor or to create a space shared by several vendors. The Cub will provide “dividers” between each
section and side, back and front walls.
INDOOR VENDOR SPACE: The Club may be able to accommodate a limited number of vendors in the
lobby of the Hotel. It is the intention of the Club to use this space for a Silent Auction and sponsored
reception on Wednesday Evening. Any vendor set up in this area may be asked to remove their
materials or to shut down operations during this period. Vendors wishing to set up in this area should
contact the vendor chair before submitting an application and must agree to comply with any request
to accommodate and prioritize the Club’s activities in this area on Wednesday evening.
VENDOR APPLICATION: Vendor’s wishing to reserve space for this show should complete this
application and return it to Penny Kretchmer –Vendor Chair, with full payment no later than
March 18, 2019. Returning vendors who submit their applications by the above deadline will be
offered the opportunity to occupy the same space as last year. The Club reserves the right to refuse
any application. The Club will offer no refunds for vendor who reserve space and then fail to attend.
Make Checks Payable to LRCP
Mail to: Penny Kretchmer, 18 Wineberry Ln, Ballston Spa, NY 12020
ELECTRICAL SERVICE: None available. Vendors utilizing portable generators must comply with all
applicable fire and safety regulations including storage of fuels. Portable generators must not disturb
other vendors, exhibitors or the general operations of the show.
Rules: Vendor agrees to abide by all rules and applicable laws established by the Club, the host hotel,
Frederick County and the State of Maryland.
CLEAN UP: Vendors are responsible for the proper disposal of any trash and/or packing materials for
their operation. Vendors will insure that all equipment and materials are removed from the tent
immediately following the completion of the show, but not later than 8am Saturday April 13, 2019. The
Club will collect all rental tables and chairs and return them to the rental company.
Access: Vendors will be permitted to begin setup as soon as the common tent has been set up and the
Grounds Chair has certified that the tent is ready for occupancy. The tent may be available for
occupancy Sunday April 7, after 6 pm. Vendors will not bring vehicles onto the field without the prior
express permission of the Grounds Chair. Permission will be granted based on the setup schedule
and the condition of the field. Vendors should be prepared to carry all of their equipment and
supplies from the parking lot to their tent in the event that the ground is unfit to move vehicles. All
setup must compete before judging begins at 7 am Tuesday, April 9, 2019. No set up activities will be
permitted after judging begins.
SECURITY: The Club assumes no responsibility for the security of vendor materials, merchandise or
equipment. Vendors agree to hold the Club harmless for any loss due to theft or weather- related
inconveniences including tent failure or flooding.
TABLES AND CHAIRS: As a courtesy to our vendors, the Club will provide and to vendors tents, tables
and folding chairs at a cost from a local rental company. Vendors must include their requirements and
make payment at the time of application. Vendors are responsible for any damage to the rental
equipment and must return the equipment in clean working order. Eight-foot tables are available for
$10 and folding chairs for $5 per chair.
INSURANCE: Evidence of Liability Coverage with the Labrador Club Retriever Club of the Potomac, Inc.
designated as “additional insured” shall be required for a valid registration and must be submitted with
your application.
FIRE CERTIFICATES AND SAFETY: Vendors providing their own tents must submit valid fire certificates
for their tents with their applications and are responsible for complying with all applicable fire and
safety laws including the posting of exit and no-smoking signs, storage of flammable material and
availability of fire extinguishers.
I hereby release the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac, Inc. and all of its members and agents
from any and all injuries sustained by myself of my business while participating in this event
Signature: _________________________________________ Date: ___________________