"Ziva" Champion Master Hunter


CH Boyne's Avian Investigator MH WCX CGC

This has been an amazing ride! Ziva is out my girl Bree, Shadowglen Ballyoo O'Boyne SH CGC, who is co -owned with Margaret Wilson. My long term goal has been to have a bred by Champion/Master Hunter. When it was time to breed Bree for the first time I was looking hard for a dog to breed her to that could help produce good looking dogs that can work. Two years in a row I met Abby Crosby and her boy 'Gunny', Can CH Woodhull's Great Gunner WC, at the Potomac. I loved his looks and attitude and the pedigree fit. In August of 2010, we had our first litter and Ziva was the first born. She started out her life doing things differently. She was born on the fly, outside, and has kept me on my toes ever since.

Ziva got into trouble from the start. From almost day one, after her littermates left, her name was 'Ziva NO'! We nicknamed her the criminal. She always had something in her mouth. Shoes in particular. To this day I walk around the house asking 'Where's my shoe'?

I was fortunate in that she was one of those puppies that never went through an ugly stage. When she turned six months, entered in her first show, she went WB for her first point with Kim Stahl handling her. Not long after that, my much missed good friend, Sue Whaley, took her on. Sue singled her out pretty quickly as a youngster. Thank God for Sue and Kim. If it was left to me to show her, it would have been a failure. Ziva never showed as well for me as she did for others and though I seem to be able to handle dogs in advanced levels of hunt tests and obedience, I can't make one stand still and wag their tail.

After a year of age, we took a break from showing and we switched to obedience and bird work. She needed to grow up and fill out and she needed a job. I sent her to another good friend, Richard Reese, who force fetched her and took her through basic yard work. After that Richard and my training group helped move her up through the ranks. I handled Ziva to all her hunt test titles.

Unfortunately, I have limited training time because of my job, so moving up through the levels took longer than I would have liked. I do run the dogs through all the levels, because it's fun and I like working with them as much as possible. Ziva finished her JH in four tests in May of 2012. She finished her SH in 2013. We had three passes in a row, then had to fail four before getting that last pass. My inability to train often exhibited itself at this time. When running at the higher levels, the day to day working relationship is key to success. Once we got back on track and were able to be more consistent in our training, we aced our next test and finished that senior title.

Jumping to master level was a huge step. With my work schedule I ended up sending her back to Richard for a tune up and consistent daily training. I went down often to work with her. In March of 2014 we started in master tests. It took us multiple times to get INTO a test and then it took us three tries for our first pass. Between handler errors and dog errors, we laughed and cried a lot. In May of 2014 we earned our first Master pass.

Of course, what happened next? She came in heat. We bred her to Banbury Vincent and Ziva had her first litter of seven in August of 2014. After that litter, she grew up. Kim showed her in January of 2015 at Fredericksburg and she won her first major. In April of 2015 she earned her next two master passes. In May of the same year she won her final major and finished her Championship with the help of Amy Wall. We continued showing through August to work towards her Grand Championship and picked up points and a major.

Ziva At that point, we needed two more passes for our master title. The plan was to finish that fall, but we hadn't trained all summer since she was showing. We trained hard in August and September, entered her in a test at Brandywine, MD and she came into heat again! Scratched that test. This time she was bred to BDA CH AM CH ShadowGlen Augustus CDX SH. She had a litter of ten December 2015. The litter was weaned and gone by the end of February 2016 and we were back in training. April of 2016 we entered our first test since the spring before and passed. We finished at the LRCP test in May and I was over the moon! It was awesome to finish with friends around and at the club's test. Not done yet, she picked up a spare leg a few weeks later.

Ziva has been absolutely incredible. She's done everything I've asked of her with enthusiasm. She's a free whelper and an excellent mother. She excels particularly right after a litter. She bounced back very quickly, both times, and finished a title after each. We're off to different things now. Ziva is teaching Kim to handle in Senior tests this winter. I plan to train in obedience and work on advance titles. We'll keep running in Master when she's not running in Senior with Kim. Kim and I kept a daughter from the Vince litter and a daughter from the Gus litter that are training hard now.

Ziva I am very grateful for the people who helped make my first litter a success. Who would have thought I would have my first champion and first master hunter with a first litter? It took a lot of time to get there. Thanks to my husband Mike. Without him NONE of this would be possible. Thanks to my mentors, Linda Oldham, who I really miss, and Margaret Wilson. Thanks to Ellison Armfield for giving me the bird bug and Richard Reese and Jim Elam for all their help with the retriever training. Thanks to Kim Stahl for too many things to count, especially showing me what a terrible show handler I am!! I'll keep doing the retriever stuff and let the people who have a clue do the pretty dog stuff.

Thanks to my sweet Ziva, we call her Sweevil (Sweet and Evil). I love her to death and am very grateful she's mine.