Other Events

In addition to hosting specialty shows and hunt tests, the club hosts several other events to promote the working abilities of Labradors.

These events include obedience and Rally trials, Canine Good Citizen and trick dog testing, field training sessions, matches and health clinics.

Three Labradors practicing an obedience down stay
In the Utility obedience class, the dog must select and retrieve an article that has been handled by its handler.
Sometimes the dog will heel beside the handler while wearing a leash and other time he will heel free during obedience competition.
In Obedience competition, the dog should heel on the handler's left side with his shoulder next to the handler's left hip.
In all obedience competitions, the dog will sit - sometimes in front, facing the handler and sometimes at the handler's left side.

Obedience competition

Every dog should have some basic obedience training. It’s a great way to develop a stronger bond and good communication with your dog.

If you’d like to give it a try, AKC offers obedience trials of various levels. A great place to start is the Canine Good Citizen test. It includes simple exercises that demonstrate your dog is well-behaved.

There are several more levels that increase in difficulty. Dogs will walk beside the handlers, sometimes on leash and sometimes off leash. They may have to stay in place or retrieve or jump an obstacle or even perform based on a signal rather than a voice command.